Frequently Asked Questions

What’s that ‘round bit’ at the front of the ship?

It’s called the bulbous bow and helps to improve the speed and efficiency of the ship by reducing the bow wave and consequently the resistance to motion through the water.

So what is an azipod?

Azipods effectively replace the propeller shafts, rudders and stern thrusters of the traditional propulsion configuration. Each ‘pod’ contains an electric propulsion motor which in turn is fitted to a fixed four blade propeller. The pods can be rotated independently of each other through 360°.


Hey Captain, who’s driving the boat?

Is it the pilot or the Captain? Pilots are usually embarked entering and leaving a port to give advice on local conditions and potential hazards to shipping but it’s the Captain who retains overall command of the vessel. The only exception to this is transiting the Panama Canal.


Just what does it take to build a cruise ship?

You definitely need to read Pack Two – Building a cruise ship – Notes from a ‘Newbuild’. Based on the construction of the Noordam, it takes you from the drawing board, into the shipyard and through to the inaugural celebrations.


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