How CruiseQs works

The concept

With so many subjects to be covered and questions to be answered, CruiseQs is designed and produced as a series of loose leaf pages, shrink-wrapped together as packs. These pages can then be individually filed in the relevant sections of the special CruiseQs binder.

The sections

CruiseQs is currently written in five sections:

  • Holland America Line
  • The Fleet
  • The Deck Department
  • The Technical Department
  • The Hotel Department

Each section also has its own color design so it’s easy to file the packs once you’ve read them.

Producing the information in successive packs allows specific subject areas to be expanded upon. New sections can be added; specific interests catered for and the latest updates included.

But best of all, you can personalize CruiseQs by adding a Personal Cruise Log each and every time you cruise.





Personal Cruise Log

The last section in the CruiseQs binder is a place for you to file your own Personal Cruise Log. Keep a note of your cruise itineraries, dates, captains, hotel managers, cabin and dining room stewards, the special friends made and memories treasured.


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